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VJMedia welcomes a new publicity team led by Cessie C. Communications who will now handle all incoming press inquires for the VJMedia brand. IF you are interested in featuring or highlighting Vanessa, connect directly below.

Brand Collaborations, Press Trips & on-camera/hosting

If you are interested in working with Vanessa on a brand campaign, press trip, or for in person hosting opportunities that you feel would be a great fit, connect directly with VJMedia

Atlas Agency

Atlas agency NY & LA
(Arielle Negrin, Ricky Meyer, Jonn Wasser).

Vanessa has been represented by the bi-coastal VO agency Atlas Talent since 2012. With an array of agents who each specialize in different areas of her VO journey, you're sure to get what you need when you connect and hire Vanessa. If you're interested in adding VJ to your station roster or as the voice of your brand connect below.

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