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Welcome to my world of Voiceover. As a full-time VO Actor, one of my greatest honors is being able to lend my voice to TV networks, radio stations and clients globally. Having the ability to add that special touch that elevates a brands campaign, amplifies a radio stations personality or helps a network grow awareness for an upcoming show has been nothing short of awesome.

I learned very early on in my career that my voice is one of the biggest assets in my media arsenal and I'm proud to share it every chance that I get!

Take a listen to a snapshot of some of my recent voiceover work, including collaborations with ABC, Disney, Netflix, CBS, The CW Network, Lifetime, Walmart, The PGA Tour, Sesame Place, Zumba, Infiniti Motors, IHeartMedia, Palace Resorts, ESPN, Audible and more.

If you're in need of VO for your next show, project, campaign or business venture, submit an inquiry below. I would be delighted to hear from with you.

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I've had the pleasure of lending my voice to an array of brands and networks.

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National Commercial Campaigns

Here's a snapshot of my most recent national commercials and promos


The shows, campaigns and advertisements featured on this website are owned by various producers and companies.
Vanessa James serves as the voice actor and claims no ownership over these works.

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Recently, VJ sat down with industry greats Benztown and All Access to share my voiceover entrepreneurial journey as well as tip and tools for fellow audio creatives looking to break into the voiceover and radio imaging. I hope you enjoy.

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Here's what global clients say about Vanessa's voice

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