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The first of its kinds all-inclusive Food, Wine and Fete experience is the latest innovation produced by Vanessa James Media. Concepted with partner Marcos Rodriguez, the annual event kicked off in 2019 to a sold out crowd of 500 foodies and feters with a similar passion for food and wine and celebrating Caribbean culture and cuisine.

As a proud daughter of the Caribbean, this legacy project is Vanessa's unique way of highlighting the vibrant Caribbean diaspora and its many touch points including: travel, music, food and live culinary experiences. Although the Caribbean is known for rum, wine enthusiasts are now able to explore the many pairings of their delicious island food with their favorite wine pairings.

This luxury all inclusive experience is slated to return in the Fall of 2021 and we've already started curating every intimate detail. If you're interested in participating, partnering or highlighting your brand, let's connect to discuss the delicious details.

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