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You can call me VJ. I’m a multicultural millennial influencer with true connection to my followers, fans and subscribers. Here you’ll find my portfolio of passions; from voiceover and podcasts, my globe trotting travels, curated VJMedia events and of course, my entrepreneurial journey where I share tips, tools, brand collabs and reviews.


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Vanessa James

Founder and CEO,
Vanessa James Media, LLC

Voice Over

I’ve proudly lent my voice to global brand, radio stations and campaigns around the world. Learn more, explore my demos and if you’re in need of a voiceover to amplify your brand, I’m only an email away.

ATTN: Entrepreneurs

There’s never been a better time to step out and start your own biz or pursue your passion. Fellow creators, use my videos, stories, tools and reviews to help your business thrive.


The moment I realized I could explore the world and work simultaneously, the whole game changed for me and travel quickly became my passion and apart of my business blueprint. Enjoy a snapshot of my globetrotting trips and tips before your next flight.


Vanessa James

So good to meet you! As you take a look around you’ll notice that I’m quite passionate about a few things: voiceover, travel, collaboration and community. As a former professional radio host and program director turned entrepreneur, helping fellow small biz creators find and use their voices is at the heart of the VJMedia mission.


My work as a Voiceover actor keeps me quite busy but when I’m not behind the mic, I’m blessed to have this unique platform where I share my latest travel stories, editorial contributions, podcasts and VJMedia multicultural events that I curate and produce here in Miami.


I love working with brands on synergies and social campaigns that connect and amplify women, culture and diversity. If you have an opportunity that would be a good fit, drop me a note and let’s explore the possibilities together. 

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Here’s what clients say about working with VJMedia

Established in 2010, I'm grateful to have work with an array of brands and partners.

Proud Collaborations

Here’s a snapshot of some of my amazing brand partners and clients over the years

My Latest Blog Posts

Enjoy these nuggets, tips, tools and reviews.

My Latest Interviews and Videos

I love sitting down with fellow creatives.
Here's a snapshot of my on-camera work and link to my YouTube channel.

"When you find your voice and passion in life, don't run from the sound of it, embrace every step and every note".
Vanessa James



If you are interested in working with me or have an opportunity that you feel would be a great fit, feel free to send me an email

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